Building the Organization

October 29, 2015

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As the business grows Founders face the task of building an organization that is capable of executing the mission. Individuals and processes that were critical in getting to market become impediments to growth. Assets become liabilities. Founders are faced with difficult choices of replacing people, introducing structure, and creating  new cultural norms. Please share your observations on how founders should address these challenges. What are the early indications that the  you need to bring in a new team, redefine the culture or change the organization? What are you looking for from your VC’s and your Board? What are the biggest challenges you are likely to face while hiring a new team and letting go of the people who brought you to this point? How can you train yourself to effectively handle the difficult conversations that these transitions entail?

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Treat your startup culture like your product
Last modified on October 27, 2015 at 3:42 pm
Congratulations, your startup is scaling. Your team of 20 is quickly growing to 200. You’re making enormous investments in the product to make sure it can support user growth and scale elegantly – because you recognize that what has made [...]