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On December 13, 2015, Eden commented on Managing Failure in a Two-Sided Platform :

Really loved your second point about treating employees like people, Julisa. It blew my mind that I knew my manager’s wife’s name, all of his kids’ names, and he couldn’t remember basic details about my personal life. Investing and getting to know your employees is really important and goes a long way. Although I’m sure it required a significant amount of time for you and Sarah, I’m sure it really made a difference in your employees willingness to take on Tressed clients. As a Tressed customer, I’ve loved the experience and feel like the stylists are very personable. I’ve gotten to know my stylist very well via text and chatting during our sessions, so you and Sarah are doing a great job 🙂 Keep it up!

On December 12, 2015, Eden commented on Why finding a start up is comparable to looking for love….. :

Really loved your post, Alex! Also not a relationship expert, but I really like the analogy you used. Dating around in the beginning before making a commitment is important. You’ll be spending a lot of time working on your start-up so you should be in love with it. Happiness is also key! You’ll have your ups and downs at the start-up, so the journey should be one filled with happiness even through ups and downs.

On December 12, 2015, Eden commented on Depends Diapers! :

Jeremiah, your post really resonated with me throughout the entire class. I feel like “it depends” could have been the response to everything, which makes me think it’s much more important to go with your gut than anything else. When is the right time to found a company? It depends. What kind of start-up to found? It depends. Who should be your co-founders? It depends. What kind of money should you raise? It depends. Although we are used to getting neat frameworks to help make future decisions in all of our HBS classes, I really enjoyed that this class did not provide a neat framework, but rather allowed me to explore the emotional side of founding a business and helped me realize that not knowing it all is okay. Most of the most successful start-ups were launched by people who were just winging it for the most part.