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On November 1, 2015, Julia commented on Your culture sucks. But that’s actually good! :

Thanks for calling this out, Brian. You’ve taken an important stance in questioning the assumption that a nurturing (coddling?) culture and plenty of perks are non-negotiable — one that seems to underpin pretty much all of HR in Silicon Valley. I’m not sure I would go so far as to say that having a terrible culture is a good thing. But I think what your post and these comments effectively highlight is that having a great culture alone isn’t *sufficient* to keep people on board. No number of free meals, free naps, free workouts, and (almost) free massages can make employees feel valued in and of themselves. These perks are simply external, tactical tools meant to convey certain values supposedly embodied by your organization. If the underlying values aren’t lived out in practice, I would venture a guess that the company begins to come across as insincere and the impact on the employee’s psyche would be even worse.