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The sensation that you are just being empowered by others

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What was common in the successful start-up was the capability of the founders to gain support from others, which, in my opinion, is the result of the ability to truly feel that you are just being empowered by them.

Big Wheel

After coming to Harvard Business School, I incorporated a company and have been working to develop the business. Spending the entire summer working on the start-up allowed us to develop a prototype, identified and attracted potential customers, and applied for the substantial grant from government.

Recently, I started to feel that the wheel of my start-up has become larger and larger. Until a couple of month ago, I had repeated the process of having new partner and seeing them leaving. I kept meeting new people and pitching my idea. With all my effort to turning the wheel as fast as possible, I was uncertain if I was making any tangible progress to move it forward. Now, I feel that it finally got accelerated although I myself am investing the same effort as I was before. It is the feeling as if the wheel has grown in size.

I feel that the attracting force of “necessity” pulled my start-up and others empowered it. This sensation has grown as the start-up gets more traction and supporters. I believe that what I can do on my own is so little and what makes start-up successful is all the support that you can get from others. I have heard a story of very successful CEO acting like the most humble person in the world. At that time, I did not get how he could be so humble with all the success, but I think that I am getting the sense of it. I think that he felt that the success of the company is strongly related to the effort of the people who helped him to get there than anybody else could possible imagine.

The first set of the course, starting a start-up, showed us the different characters and approaches of founders. Jessica Matthews (founder-CEO of Uncharted Play) is talented promoter of business (gaining the interest of the President in USA) and Lew Cirne (founder-CEO of Wily) is a humble technical talent (with some tendency to avoid conflict), which showed the interesting contrast. Sometimes, founders like Hillary Mallow (founder-CEO of ProLab) involve their family.

What was common in the successful start-up was the ability of the founders to gain support from others. What allows founders to gain support? I trust that it is your ability to truly feel that you are just being empowered by others. Entrepreneurship offers you unique experiences and the series of experiences you go though shape who you are as an entrepreneur. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future revealed that what made Elon how he is now was exactly the series of experiences he went though as an entrepreneur. I just started the journey of start-up but I feel that the success of my start-up depends on how much further I can polish myself as an entrepreneur through the experiences and genuine sensation in me along the way.

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